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  1. MacDaddyWatch



  2. 5. The Energy Information Administration said it expects that Marcellus Shale production will continue to grow despite relatively low natural gas prices…

    If Marcellus production increases other shale and conventional plays will see decreases. Domestic production is estimated to be flat, flat, flat for the next couple of years.

  3. the marcellus runs to 200 feet thick in the northeast, tapers to 100 feet or less in the west…

  4. WSJ February 14, 2013: Natural Gas Down 4%; Stockpile Drop is Smaller Than Forecast

    What I found interesting: ‘Total stockpiles fell to 2.527 trillion cubic feet, 9.7% below the record levels hit last year but 16% above the five-year average for this time of year.

    Some traders are now expecting total inventories will end the winter above 2 trillion cubic feet, a key level that would suggest the market is well supplied‘…

    Then of course there is those inane government bureaucrats that are making life and progress difficult for some…

    Associated Press February 26, 2013: Dreams of gas riches fading for NY landowners

    They’re waiting for environmental studies about the potential for groundwater contamination. They’re waiting for drilling rules and regulations to be drawn up. And most of all, they’re waiting for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make up his mind on whether to lift a moratorium on fracking‘…

  5. And despite all this so called US energy production boom,in 2012 we imported the most Arabian oil in nine years.Twenty five percent US oil comes from nations who would rather we die.

    1. Twenty five percent US oil comes from nations who would rather we die.

      All of you collectivists need to understand that nations do not wish or act. People do. Crude sells on a world market. You buy it because you value it more than the little pieces of paper that the Fed keeps printing. That means that the transaction is beneficial to you just as it is beneficial to the seller who prefers the little pieces of paper to the oil.

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