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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Della Baker

    There is hope that we can turn this nation around with our vote on November 6.

  2. Walter Reichert

    BTW: If Obama brings up Romney’s tax returns, Romney should play “release chicken” and say he’llbe glad to bring in at the nex debate his tax returns if Obama brings in his college and law school transcrips.

  3. Dr.Gary J MacDiarmid Sr.

    The promising sound of defeat for obamaworld send him back from once he came. I don’t mean HI !!!

  4. “Entitlements” are desperately NEEDED until we CAN turn this govt around. Still, I have to agree with Romney that the last four years have been a complete failure. However, I think we, the American people, are ‘screwed’ no matter who wins the Presidency.

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