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Discussion: (7 comments)

  1. Yes, each country ought to get medals handed out to them before the games and award them to their own highest achievers (besides, they didn’t earn their achievements as o’bama did by becoming president) according to how much money they donated to the president’s birthday party

  2. elixelx

    Nope, sorry. the handout system won’t work since this would pit athletes against each other.
    Nor will the quota system work for the same reason.
    Nope the solution is simple: ALL MUST HAVE MEDALS and they should all be gold.
    That way we will have guaranteed equality of opportunity and equality of outcome all in one swell foop!

  3. Child, please. This is an absurd comparison. Society isn’t a competition. That’s the point.

    1. Eric T.

      Society isn’t a competition? Really? So the concept of ‘winners and losers’ has no relevance to discussions of social policies. The idea that someone has more stuff is inherently fine, because .. well, they just have more stuff. I don’t need to prove myself better or more productive at my job, if I’m not competing with those who want my job. I don’t need to advertise my products, if I’m not in competition with other businesses. I don’t need to attract potential homeowners if my community is not in competition with other communities.

      Some people in our society have achieved very great heights. Many people have not. Should that perceived imbalance be addressed through authoritarian action?

    2. Thkinnig like that shows an expert’s touch

  4. Melvin Udall

    What should really be done is to allow the countries that win the most medals write the rules in their favor for the next Olympics. That way they can ensure continued dominance. Cheating should be legal for those that have won in the past because they have proven to be worthy. The bronze medal is worth too much too ($5) compared to the gold ($700). Why should those losers get something worth $5? Surely the incentive for a more expensive medals will make them try harder next time.

    Are you really a professor?

  5. Melvin Udall

    If China wins the most medals then the US should become Communist. It’s only logical.

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