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  1. Wayne Abernathy

    And they already have a proven, demonstrable impact on the stability of the financial system, the only SIFI or potential SIFI that has such a track record. They are the only real live examples that anyone can point to in demonstration of the validity of the whole concept of SIFIs. All of the others are theoretical.

  2. Jane Johnson

    One has to wonder what political considerations are behind these SIFI designations. Fidelity, Vanguard, and other large asset managers are being considered for SIFI consideration (or have they already been so designated?), but other other obvious candidates are being ignored. Freddie and Fannie are GSEs, quasi-public/quasi-private entities, whereas asset managers are clearly in the private sector. Is that the political difference? Quasi-publics can’t cause systemic risk but private firms can? Heaven help this country…..

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