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  1. Alan Gunn

    One person’s “milestone of recovery” is another persons “start of a new bubble.” Hard to distinguish, especially early on.

  2. Yes, this is another BUBBLE. It’s to get the lemmings to drive up prices again for the sake of the banksters, and then POP again so the banks can STEAL more homes, driving the economy further down the Toilet.
    The Stock Market is the same thing, another bubble. When enough lemmings “invest” (gamble/speculate) enough, the elite will sell high, drive it low, and buy back in for pennies while the lemmings lose their “savings” again and again and again etc.

  3. if you dig down just an inch or two into the real data, the housing ‘recovery’ is the little train that isn’t. As Bloomberg notes, regional home prices have recovered to only 2004 levels and while the REO-to-Rent model remains for the late-to-the-gamers, it is inevitably a self-destroying bubble if there is no organic growth and one glance at the rate of mortgage applications (‘real’ buyers) says all we need to know about the housing ‘recovery’.

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