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  1. The differences between 2008 and 2014 are staggering. The percentage of Americans who identify as “lower-middle class” or “lower class” are nearly double the amount today than 2008. People feel worse despite the massive decline in the unemployment rate and the significant rise in the stock market. For more, please check out my blog post:

  2. This contradicts a chart posted by Mark Perry some time ago based on Census Bureau data, that the lower income group is relatively stable over 40 years at roughly 17 to 20% of households. This chart also showed that the percentage of middle income households fell by the same percentage that upper income households rose.
    The data on the chart is from 1967 through 2010. I forget when Dr. Perry posted that article.

  3. Does matter what they think? Average Americans are still probably quite wealthy compared to the rest of the world.

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