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  1. Jon Murphy

    In other housing news, New Home Sales rose in April to 45,000 units, that’s a gain of 32.4% from the same month last year. On an annual basis (12-month moving total, to adjust for seasonality), Sales are up to 401,000 units, a gain of 23.4%. Now, the 401,000 units sold over the past year is still 68.7% below the pre-recession peak, but the trends in this market do signal an ongoing recovery for housing in 2013.

    Another bit of news: the 45,000 new homes sold in April represent a gain of 7.1% from March. This is very positive, because typically sales drop 2.0% in April from March.

    This follows a report of a 9.7% gain in Existing Home Sales in April from last year.

    1. those numbers are different than what i read this morning:

      1. Jon Murphy

        That’s because I’m reporting the non-seasonally adjusted numbers.

        My fault; I should have been clear on that.

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