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  1. SeattleSam

    Isn’t that the new norm, though? Kind of the Three Little Pigs Go Socialist approach. You build your house of bricks and your neighbor does of straw. If the insurer isn’t allowed to collect higher premiums on the straw, it shifts the costs to brick home owners and encourages more straw homes to be built.
    This seems to be a popular approach in health care, too. Preventing insurers from collecting higher premiums from higher risk groups and lower premiums from lower risk groups.
    The next logical step is that we should mandate life insurance premiums be the same for the obese and diabetic as for the rest of the population.

    1. Jay Weiser

      This is a huge problem for the US. Flood and crop insurance are other examples. It’s a great way for politicians to disguise subsidies and reward the risky behavior of favored groups.

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