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  1. This indirect stuff is known to be a failure. Saudi Arabia is the largest backer of terrorists, as exemplified by the 9/11 attacks. Despite what should be huge, long term leverage with Arabia and other Moslem countries, the USA has clearly failed to make even a dent it their support for people who openly announce that they hate Americans and intend to kill us.

    Nation-building is a demonstrable failure, and foreigners hate us more for our interference in their governments than they love us for the free medical treatment.

    On the other hand, demonstrating that the USA can kill virtually any individual terrorist we choose at a distance from any battlefield while that individual is not engaged in any heroic exploit that might be construed as “martyrdom” should convince lesser terrorists to think twice about how committed they want to be to a cause where they can be killed in bed without ever even seeing an American.

    As the T-shirts say, “You mess with the best, you die like the rest.” It’s just that now we don’t have to put troops on the ground to arrange the dying part.

  2. Wow. Wow. Vinnie, you really seem to have it all figured out! I agree with you on one point: it would be “simple” if the infinite world of human experiences and conflicts could be boiled down to who shoots better. That’s an action movie fantasy, but I agree it would be simple.
    / /
    Phillip, this is an excellent piece and you masterfully capture the nuance of engagement while acknowledging the requirement for kinetics. Balance is the only way to long-term success. I’ll share this through the blog at Thank you.

  3. Benjamin Cole

    I sense the fear of terrorism is overblown, by about 10000-to-1.

    About 35,000 Americans die every year in auto accidents. Another 30,000 by plain-vanilla gunshots.

    Since 9/11. about 650,000 Americans dead by these two causes.

    Since 9/11 dead by terrorism: 3,000.

    Imagine the hysteria, the panic, the security apparatus if the US Government could scare the citizens with figures like that 650,000, pertaining to terrorism.

    Terrorism is just a heinous PR stunt. By reacting to terrorism, you are letting the terrorist “win.”

    The Global War on Terror, like the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, is designed to last forever and take money from your wallet and put into agency budgets and their contractors.

    We have created, through taxes taken from productive citizens, a anti-terrorism industry. It will become, like all federal undertakings, a permanent parasite on taxpayers.

    It is astonishing to see AEI buy into this.

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