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  1. Higher CAFE standards will raise car prices, as Ken Green points out. They’ll also raise traffic injury and fatality rates as car makers lighten cars to meet the standards. And they’ll make it harder for “big” families (i.e., with more than 3 kids) to transport themselves, meaning that sometimes those “big” families will have to take two vehicles instead of one, doubling both fuel use and risk of accidents–accidents at higher risk of injury of death, at that. The higher fuel standards MIGHT help the environment (or might not–historical statistics show that as it becomes cheaper to drive, people drive more miles, so demand for fuel doesn’t fall), but they will certainly hurt people, both by reducing their prosperity and exposing them to greater risk of accidents, on the one hand, and by increasing pressure on couples to have no more than 3 children. In short, intentionally or unintentionally, the higher CAFE standards are anti-human.

    But feel good: Big Brother is taking care of us!

  2. Well said, Cal! I thought about adding some of that in there, but I like to keep blog posts more pithy and punchy, and leave comprehensitivity to longer articles.



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