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  1. Vic Volpe

    Samuel Huntington, from an AEI presentation in 1992:

  2. John David Galt

    I’ve just created this petition on

    Break US defense ties with Turkey and Qatar, who are supplying the missiles the Nazis of Hamas are firing at Israel!

    Israel is getting unjustly blamed for killing civilians because Hamas puts them in the line of fire. But Hamas, whose charter calls 12 times for killing all Jews, is a front for the governments of Turkey and Qatar, which are supplying the missiles and money. Israel should be shooting back at those countries, not at Gazans, but can’t because of US troops and US defense agreements with those countries. Why are we there, blocking Israel from doing justice? Turkey took the Russian side against Georgia and now against Ukraine. They are NOT our friends! Pull us out!

    Please sign here:

    1. Personally if im going to shoot a person and he holds a kid in front of him i do not fire, i wait duck and cover (preferably under a iron dome) and wait my chance as him doing that is still not justification to murder a child.

      Apparently conservatives feel differently especially when its a Muslim child.

  3. Daisy Blacksmith

    Russia and Ukraine
    destroyed russian empire which had ruled much of ukraine until it became a separate country in 1917 lennins volcheviks had recounqerde the ukraine which maintained a fictional independence as part of the soviet union, that fictional independence became real after the soviet union disintegrated but vladimir putin has never accepted it and he’s fighting today to bring ukraine back under moscows control

    The Middle East
    the first world war also destroyed the ottoman empire which had exercised formal but weak control over the middle east for years the breakdown of the ottoman empire led to the establishment of a whole host of new states including syria, iraq, lebanon, jordan and the palestine mandate part of which became israel. the region has never accepted the legitimacy of the jewish state and that has been the cause of consistent violence. the continuing violence in the middle east has its roots directly in ww1

    American Leadership
    after three years on the sidelines the united states intervened decisively in the first world war sending two million troops to fight on the western front what was once a colony of european states now became the one holding the balance of power in europe. after the war the united states refused to exercise its power in the 1920s and in the 1930s condemning europe to another catastrophic war but after that war the american commitment led to an unprecedented peace in europe that has lasted until today however there are new threats and we have to ask is the united states still sufficiently committed to the peace of europe to preserve it for the next generation

    1. Are you drunk?

      Russia by far took the lions share of beating the Germans etc racking up almost 80% of the German casualties.

      They also had the highest death rate.

      The UK had more losses than the USA.

  4. mark steyn made similar comment, saying from that world war one spawned communism, fascism, and in place of the ottomans, radical islam. He feels that we dealt with the first two, but now the last needs dealing with. I also heard or read somewhere that for the past 60 years we have had a pax America, and now with our withdrawal from the international scene, things are going back to normal, i.e. continual conflict. Much the same as what Mr. Adesnik says about “aggressive men” So, he is certainly not alone in his analysis.

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