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Discussion: (2 comments)

  1. RonRonDoRon

    “designing a construction toy from the female perspective”

    I don’t get this – it sounds like silly marketing BS. Is not construction just construction? What would give it a “female perspective? I guess I have to see what this female perspective building toy looks like.

    What prevents girls from playing with existing building toys? Is there something about Legos, for instance that attracts boys but puts girls off?

  2. My daughter is finishing her BS in biology. She LIKES Science. She in fact likes Science so much that the professors regularly ask her for corrections and details. She is also the most girlie girl I can imagine. She mothers VERY well: firm but loving (both cats and babies). I expect her to be an excellent teacher (she’s going to teach high school) and wife and mother. I don’t know why so many sexists want to take her dolls and dresses away. I think it’s because they FEAR real women.

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