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Discussion: (7 comments)

  1. SeattleSam

    Government has no bad ideas. Only people who don’t follow all the 986,000 rules.

  2. Robert Bauer

    Oh, but plastic bags kill people too. Isn’t that a good enough reason to ban them?

    I remember years ago a regular ad campaign to raise the awareness of the dangers of plastic bags (Mostly clothing bags at the time.) to children. Now days you’ll often find the warning printed on the bags used for various kinds of packaging. Perhaps what we need is another ad campaign (Government funded, of course…) to promote more careful use and cleaning of these reusable bags. (Or at least require warnings be printed on them.) Yeah, right.

    1. just treat the bags like cigarettes, require the bags have “WASH ME OR DIE” printed in 8″ letters all over them. I might actually use them if they said something manly like that on them.

  3. Diana Davis

    That is the stupidest piece of idiocy I’ve read in a long time. Did the intestinal deaths in SF come from the bags? Probably not, and the connection that is suggested is weak. Most probably came from poor hygiene or food prep practices, and were among the elderly or very young; a population most at risk for e-coli death.

    It’s just more fodder for fearful gun nuts to try and fight regulation. No one’s looking to take all the guns away, we just want regulate them properly.

    1. The point is that anything used improperly can kill people. Regulations have consequences, intended or not.

  4. It’s about to happen here in Austin. 3 weeks? Local NPR interviewed a few people and businessmen. All were OK with it. Sampling error?

    I have to wonder: when I start driving to the store, realize I forgot my bags, return home, etc., how many bags could have been produced from the oil used to propel my car the extra distance? (Not to mention the lost time.)

    Oh well, one more environmental sin “eliminated” thanks to our political priests.

  5. craigers61

    First the greens banned paper bags as trees were too sacred to cut down, forcing us to use plastic. How many sea turtles died because of that emotive lunacy. Now they want to ban plastic bags. Lats generations emotive crusade leads to the next generations eco-catastrophe. Bio-fuels is already cutting down the rain forests and starving over 200 million more a year. I got an idea, nest time you greens get an idea go smoke some dope and DONT act on it.

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