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  1. There are, as the hearings have revealed, plenty of reasons to doubt whether the Senate should confirm Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary. But not the least of them is his obvious lack of knowledge about the most fundamental of defense matters and, no less, his seeming flippancy when it comes to making judgments about the state of the American military.

    He can’t be any worse than Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gates or some of the other clowns who have held the post in the past.

    1. Joey Cusak

      Do you have any facts to support that claim? Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al were serious and competent guys. The fact that you may disagree with them on some policy issues doesn’t make them “clowns,” nor does it make Hagel competent.

      1. Did you forget that those clowns helped lie you into two unnecessary wars that have managed to kill and injure thousands of soldiers, have cost around a trillion dollars and have pushed the country further towards bankruptcy? They were pushing the WMD lies to the voters and even lied to the Secretary of State, who repeated the lies in front of the UN. As far as I am concerned they are war criminals who deserve to hang.

  2. Quite frankly, I’m shocked at YOUR lack of knowledge about the DOD. Much of it’s work is spread out through other departments so as to obscure the totals.

    For instance somewhere around 40-45% of the total budget of the Department of Energy is devoted to nuclear weapons.

    Not surprisingly, Hagel is more aware of the TRUE state of things, than his enemies

    1. I do not believe that there is a lack of knowledge because these people are not as stupid as they might appear to a rational observer. They simply have little problem using deception to advance their own goals.

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