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  1. If you’re a farmer and are a millionaire based on your net worth, leave a comment below! I predict none will be left.

    1. morganovich


      while i am not a farmer, i know several that are worth multiple millions.

    2. John Smith

      When I was building houses in Brisbane a few years ago, I kept meeting farmers who wanted to either buy rental properties in the lucrative Brisbane market, or wanted work done on their houses , but didn’t want to pay very much. So when you travel in rural australia, you also see a lot of stinking rich farmers, who own a dozen or so rental houses, on the edge of their farms. Many tenants are unemployed, or on minimal part time wages. Its the edge of a medieval Feudal lord system. Oh and which group is fighting the hardest against Fracking in Australia ? Farmers. It will rely upset their nice little status quo. My rather well paid G.P. brother [ rural private practice, Ka -ching ], has bought a 1500 acre property. We plan to build a car racing circuit . So we want more fracking.

  2. Che is dead

    ” … four percent of agribusiness collected 74 percent of the farm bill subsidies in recent years.”

    The average farmer receives very little in subsidies. Most of this money passes through to shareholders who live disproportionately in urban areas.

  3. Che is dead

    Open The Books reports on the billions in farm subsidies paid to urban dwellers and wealthy elites.


    Nation of Islam Leader’s Home In Hyde Park Received $100,000 in Farm Subsidies

  4. Seattle Sam

    Why on earth would you want to limit subsidies to small farmers? They don’t kick back money to congressmen; wealthy farm corps do.

    1. How about we remove the middle man. No more government farm subsidies, and people that want to give money to farmers (like you) can just give it to them directly.

      How much should we put you down for?

      1. Seattle Sam

        Not being a Congressman I have no interest in subsidies to anyone of any kind. But if I WERE a congressman I’d be all over it using as much of your money as I could.

  5. Benjamin Cole

    This farm bill actually just the tip of the iceberg of rural subsidies.
    Rural America is day-glo pink in federal lard, from roads, to water systems, power, telephones, railroads, airports, postal service and much of defense and VA outlays.
    There is no economy more mollycoddled, subsidized and enfeebled than that of Rural America—they should fly the hammer and sickle in North Dakota, a state that receives $25k net per capita in federal spending.

    1. Che is dead

      State personal income in the past six quarters has increased mostly in “red” states and states run by Republican governors, TheBlaze reported earlier this month.

      However, after TheBlaze noted this trend, a few readers argued that this was because “red” states typically receive the lion’s share of federal funding.

      Do they really?

      In a word: No. In fact, since 2000, solid “blue” states have received far more in federal funding than solid “red” states, a Blaze analysis finds.The Blaze

      1. Che is dead

        14 years. Nearly an entire generation.

        More than enough time for you to get your head out of your ass.

  6. Benjamin Cole

    The USDA=Union of Soviet Department of Agrikulture.
    Read up on Henry Wallace. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bust of Marx at USDA HQ…

  7. Citizen Buddy

    Peanut and cotton farmers can relax now because of the 2014 Farm Bill:

    “The bill creates a stand-alone revenue protection coverage program for cotton growers. It also creates a separate peanut revenue insurance with an effective price for peanut growers.”

  8. teapartydoc

    Da Kronie Kollective: Where the rich get richer under socialist policies while John Mellencamp sings about how poor they are.

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