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Discussion: (15 comments)

  1. What a pathetic hatchetman job! Not that its unexpected, given its source.

    Of course, this is meant to blunt the fact that George W. Bush spent more time on the golf course than he did on his entire Presidency! No President in history was away from DC more often, and outside the WH more frequently, than the current occupant’s predecessor.
    In the meantime, this President’s approach to our enemies has been nothing short of ruthless- and damned effective.

    If you folks think this kind of invective and cheap snark is a substitute for real policy analysis, well, you just go right ahead. The only people you’re undermining is yourselves.

    Enjoy the next four years. With so much to complain about, no doubt you’ll all have job security.

  2. To the person who commented above, actually George Bush stopped playing golf in 2003 for the remaining 5 years of his presidency because the left and liberal media ripped him for playing golf while our troops were at war. Apparently they don’t seem to have the same problem with President Obama doing so.

    1. Yes, Bush WAS upset about the optics, especially SO SOON after 9/11, so he did quit. However, the 77 trips he made to his Crawford Ranch, and his extensive use of Camp David make “W” the most absentee President of modern times- and possibly all US history.

      Thanks for playing. And on this solemn day, let’s remember how Bush might have blown preventing 9/11 from happening, and how our country has turned into a Libertarian’s nightmare thanks to that.

      1. Max, you know you can’t prove that– trips to Crawford have nothing to do with “vacation days” as W often had full work days while he was in Crawford. The fact is he stopped playing and did so for 5 years– while Obama hasn’t stopped playing since the day he joined office. And, he has missed more than 50% of is PDB’s. Why don’t you address that one– why doesn’t he attend the PDB’s? Why?

        Also, as of July of this year, Obama had made something like 78 campaign trips when, in the Bush first term, at the same point Bush had made 8.

        What the heck do we pay this guy for, to campaign a play golf?? Oh yes, and to mingle with Hollywood stars, the bastions of intellectual thought in America.

        1. Sir, it’s a bit harder to run the government when you deliberately situate yourself physically away from it for all that time. Like 77 times. Plus the costs….

          I dont give a crap if the President plays golf, or otherwise lives life like a normal person once in a while. At least he’s not flying to Texas to play.

          “Why don’t you address that one– why doesn’t he attend the PDB’s? Why?”

          Maybe because attending meetings, as most of us know, are not exactly the most productive thing you can do. If there’s anything of gravity to discuss, I am certain the President will be informed of it.

          He hasn’t missed a hell of a lot so far. Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. One of the cool things we can do these days is work from home – many experts actually encourage this. And HR research has shown that most people are actually more productive when they work from home. So we probably got better value from the former President spending time at Crawford than we think. Now I trust that Max appreciates this corporate trend which continues to increase both in the private and public sectors as I am guessing by his comment about too many meetings he is caught in the corporate rat race where there are indeed too many meetings – you’re right about that Max. So maybe taking work home aint so bad. Given Max considers meetings aren’t worth attending, why not just cancel the briefings altogether – perhaps save the cost of all those staff who are tirelessly preparing them for him? Or would cancelling them be reckless? Yes, probably it would be reckless. Although it would free up another 500 or so hours to play golf. But then come February, he may join the 8+% and have plenty of time to play golf.

    1. What a pathetic retort. Telecommuting is for cubicle dwellers- not the leader of the Free World. Do you think Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos or Alan Mullally sit at PC terminals in their homes and run their companies?

      Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

  4. Here’s the genesis of Mr. Thiessen’s commentary:

    In addition, none other than Dick Cheney- may his name and memory be obilterated- chimed in today about this briefing issue, so Mr. Thiessen, reliable fellow that he is, decided to release this piece.

    “Through a spokeswoman, Cheney told conservative website The Daily Caller that “If President Obama were participating in his intelligence briefings on a regular basis then perhaps he would understand why people are so offended at his efforts to take sole credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

    “Those who deserve the credit are the men and women in our military and intelligence communities who worked for many years to track him down,” he continued. “They are the ones who deserve the thanks of a grateful nation.”

    Aside from the Daily Caller being a worthless publication- pity you can’t even wrap fish with a website, so at least a paper version would have SOME merit- Mr. Obama has never claimed “sole credit” for wasting OBL.

    1. Interesting. You can waste time berating the author and nothing to say about Obie’s choice of schedules?? Wonder if the death of the Libyan Ambassador from a PLANNED attack makes any difference to you??

      1. Does anyone know what this person means by this statement?

        1. He’s just pointing out what a tool you are.

  5. Let’s assume the President has 32 hours of free time a week (saturday and sunday waking hours, but no time at all during the week).

    In four years that would be 6,656 hours of free time. If he’s spent 600 hours playing golf, he’s spent about 10% of his leisure time on golf.

    Is that too much?

    1. Dude, did you not get the point? He spends more time golfing than he does on important White House briefings ie: CIA/other important members are at these briefings daily to discuss important matters…everyday. BO can atleast show up more than 50% of the time dontcha think? I mean he IS running a Nation here. He puts more time in on the golf course and hanging out with JP Ditty or ?? I’m firing him!

  6. Hey Max – you still hangin’ around here? Back on September 11, 2012, a date that has sadly become of historical significance, you minimized the value of the PDBs and assured us that, in the President’s absence, he
    would be informed if anything of gravity was discussed. Since then, there have been a number of important and controversial events of which the President claimed to have been unaware until he either saw or read about them in the news. By then, what was “news” to the president was old news to those of us with even a superficial interest in current events.

  7. I think its necessary for President Obama to have time to meditate on the issues he is confronted with. If its golfing that gives him this then let him do it without critisism.

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