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  1. Carl J. Lizberg

    Biden stayed on “the offensive”; that was his only job in the debate. That way, if he lost the debate anyway, which he must have felt he very well could, he shouldn’t be blamed for it. No mention of the President’s name because of the administration’s dark record, which Ryan could have better emphasized, such as the unfortunate foreign policy toward Israel, the turning away from any mention of God, as a policy.

  2. chuck whitson

    2 things to think about: if Obama is re-elected in In November who will he blame the last 4 years economy on? also if we can have gun towers and catwalks around the pisons in our own country why can we not have the same at our embassies around the world with standing orders that anyone trying to breech the Embassy perimter the opertunity to go to hell and shack hands with BinLaden? think about it.

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