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  1. So I have to lose deductions so the Pentagon can keep spending like the drunken sailors they are? Good luck selling that to the public/homeowners. Come back when defense spending has been stripped of the garbage (green fuels, a gazillon more generals than are likely needed, disability retirement enhancements given out like candy, the executive jets and golf courses, etc.)

  2. Taxing imputed rents would kill homeownership as you are now being taxed on your WEALTH not actual income!
    If taxing imputed rent makes sense why don’t we tax the imputed rent for the clothes we wear or the cars we drive? oops best not give the elitists anymore STUPID ideas that they actually own everything!

  3. The third biggie is employer-provided health insurance.

    The mortgage deal is pretty simple as there is already a cap on the interests but it’s obscenely high and also counts for 2nd homes, RVs, etc.. It ought to apply only to one home and probably limited to income – like the earned income credits and such.

    but there are two more issues.

    many people cannot even get the mortgage deduction because they do not have enough total deductions to do so and the one for health care deductions – kills those who have their own plans because they can only deduct how much they pay in excess of 7.5% of their AGI.

    Many, many people give serious money to their church and charities – but cannot deduct it because they do not own a home.

    there are disparities like this throughout the code which basically favors those who have higher incomes.

    1. Hey Larry, what happened to your hero’s support of the sequester? You repeatedly assured us he was all in, unlike those chickenshit Republicans.

      1. re: Obama’s love of the sequester…

        did I say that?

        here’s what I’ve come to believe and it’s nasty.

        that Obama egged the GOP into signed on to it and now is going to let them swing – as the polls seem to be confirming.

        Every time the GOP swings at Obama …they seem to hit themselves these days.

        you know ..they always have the option of saying – “this is dumb”….. “HERE is a better way -and we’re going to pass it in the House”. Of course, a majority of the Senate and Americans would have to be convinced it really is a better way and not just more attempts to kill Medicare and ObamaCare…

        who was it that said, lead, follow or get out of the way?

        both sides are getting hurt though looks like the big O has a slight advantage…

        1. “did I say that?”


          Funny how you have this selective amnesia. You’ve even forgotten how YOU were portraying yourself as Larry the Mighty Deficit Slayer because you had the balls to support the sequester. But now you say, “this is dumb.” I guess all your boyfriend Barack has to do is lay out the line and Larry immediately discards his previous positions and comes a runnin’.

          “you know ..they always have the option of saying – “this is dumb”….. “HERE is a better way -and we’re going to pass it in the House”.”

          Comical. They’ve done that now twice. Both bills exceeded the sequester targets. Both bills were simply ignored by Harry Reid. The main problem the GOP has is low information voters like yourself haven’t a clue because Obama’s Palace Guard in the media are more smitten with him than even you are, and simply refuse to report it. Obama knows he can simply gets up there and lies through his teeth and people like you don’t have the knowledge and/or integrity to call him out on it.

          The sequester is a tiny sliver of the budget, not even a real cut. But your hero won’t give back a penny of his staggering spend-a-thon. He knows his slavish followers like you will always get his back with dishonest stuff like, “Obama only signs the appropriations the Congress sends him.”

          “both sides are getting hurt though looks like the big O has a slight advantage…”

          Gag. “Big O.” Is that your pet name for him?

        2. A quick search gives a few of your previous sequester comments, Larry. These were all made, of course, before your boyfriend instructed you to say the sequester is a bad thing.

          “The dust-up over the sequester shows that the folks who yell the loudest about cutting spending – won’t actually agree to do it if it includes DOD.”


          “Even now, when we have the sequester, the GOP is hollering like stuck pigs saying that 50 billion in cuts from a 900+ billion DOD budget would be “devastating”.”

          and, my favorite:

          “that “plan” balanced the budget?


          it was hypocrisy personified!

          the man is a grade A HYPOCRITE!

          Show him the budget sequester or similar and he runs screaming to hide in the closet.”

          FYI, you were talking about Paul Ryan, not your boyfriend Obama, the guy who is actually doing the screaming and running.

  4. We don’t need any offsets for the teeny tiny sequester Obama is doing his level best to freak everyone out over. We need to make some real cuts, not piddily reductions in the rate of spending.

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