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  1. Nick Bradley

    As a veteran and serving reservist, I sure am glad that the GOP is sacrificing the Pentagon on a cross of domestic Austerity. When push comes to shove, the GOP would rather keep food stamp cuts paired with defense cuts than no cuts.

    Cuz, you know, hyperinflation.

    1. Jonas Brother

      That is just a shit thing to say. The simple reality is our budget regardless of the department is outsized. Cutting the military budget is no way hurts their preparedness.

      1. Jonas,

        Respectfully sir, you are wrong.

        The problem with the military budget is not it’s size, but that of gov’t contracting everywhere in the US budget.

        Items cost more than they should, and take years longer than they should to produce.

        The military, like other agencies – say local police or schools, will cut so it HURTS, and is visible, to gain political points. No one cares if you cut mid level bureacrats.

        The personal side is also screwed up on the same way all federal employees are: you either get 20 years and a pension (that is unfunded and counts current revenue) or you get nothing.

        If military folks (and other fed gov employees) could serve 6 or 10 years (any # really) and take a PORTABLE retirement, it would solve a lot of the bloat problems.

        If we could solve the procurement problem and the “20 and out” problem, we could cut the budget a good chunk and not affect readiness.

        Your blanket comment may have been meant well, but was wrong.

        Hyperinflation, entitlements, and welfare are a whole different discussion(s).

  2. Nick Bradley you are a Democrat troll…

    1. Nick Bradley

      No I’m not.

      I’m a moderate who couldn’t care less about deficits.

      1. If you couldn’t care less about deficits, and you’re not a Democrat troll, then you’re a damn naive fool.

        1. Nick Bradley

          Please, oh please, explain to me why deficits matter with negative real interest rates and a 7% output gap.

          Monetarists don’t care right noe either.

          If we are at full employment, I’m a deficit hawk.

          1. DUH, In 1970 a silver dollar and a paper dollar were equal. Now it takes about 22 paper dollars to equal a silver (REAL) dollar.
            This difference is 100% caused by deficit spending. 95% of the value of the dollar destroyed and you do not care????
            ONLY the miracle of modern Capitalism by constantly dropping the real prices of ALL consumer goods has hidden the disaster from persons of ECONOMIC IGNORANCE and cluelessness.
            Do you really think there is no downside to deficit spending just because the crooks who engage in the practice do not point it out to you????

          2. Inflation, by printing money, is THEFT of all citizens of their saving by devaluation of their buying power.

            See: Weimar Germany.

      2. Also, as veteran serving on active duty, I remember why I’m serving. It’s a SERVICE after all. Budget cuts and sequestration might not be all fun, but it’s needed. A lot of fat being trimmed. It’ll be a tough few years, but we’ll make it through and we’ll be a better Total Force for it.

        1. Nick Bradley

          Hi, I agree that there is fat, but DOD can’t legally cut fat. Only congress can kill major programs or allow base closures.

          The pentagon can only cut O&M. They can only create a hollow force with 20% excess infrastructure.

          It’s terrible. We probably can’t fight a major war right now.

  3. I sure am glad that the GOP is sacrificing the Pentagon on a cross of domestic Austerity“…

    That makes no sense at all, what are you trying to say here?…

    1. Nick Bradley

      What I’m saying is that the GOP has two policy choices:

      1. domestic spending cuts AND defense cuts

      2. no domestic spending cuts AND NO defense cuts.

      …guess which one they prefer?

  4. Tic, toc, tic toc…..military costs. $1 trillion a year all-in you libertarianreturds.

  5. Benjamin Cole

    “The budget the US Military have is insane, and it really shows.”


  6. I am not sure how so many have turned this excellent and encouraging piece by James Pethokoukis into such a negative argument about Washington politics. Let’s take this report in the positive light it was intended – we have a military that is both very capable and well respected by other nation’s military members. To me, the compliments of these other military members should cause us all to respect those serving in our US military with an even deeper appreciation. They sacrifice for all of us.

    1. I’m not much of a thread commenter but I had to agree with you Bill. Honestly, (even though everyone I know personally who serves is a stand-up citizen) I was expecting the opposite reaction from foreign soldiers. This makes me proud.

      Hell yea guys. Keep up the good work.

  7. The Redneck

    ” In the French military it’s the guy who can run the most, can do 100 pull ups etc, ”
    The French military respects soldiers who can run better.

    Well, I sure didn’t see THAT coming……

  8. Thank you for taking the time to put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to do this. Married to a Marine with over 30 yrs in service. Heartening to hear. Marines “can’t run worth “s**t” . Hubby says, “well, this may be true as the French do have much more practice than Marines — running AWAY, that is.” Wink, wink.

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