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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Conceptually, it makes sense… there’s no point in dragging out a degree program. But the cynic in me says, “This only works if the kids can find jobs.” If they can’t, we’re just cutting the time it takes to join the unemployment rolls.

  2. GeoSapper

    The main problem is the line, “We’d need to create a system that focuses less on seat time and more on the actual accumulation of knowledge.” Higher education shouldn’t be about accumulating knowledge, but about developing thinking, communication and leadership skills.

  3. Um, doesn’t the average student now take like 6 years? The only way to get to a 3 yr degree is either to require fewer classes or make students complete current classes faster. Students actually already have the option to complete college faster if they were really motivated and didn’t have to work in the summers. They’re not doing that because that option doesn’t actually work for them. This is not a real solution. This is a gimmick.

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