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Discussion: (17 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    Recently I was outraged when I went to buy the stock of a company only to find that stock scalpers were charging 50% more than the IPO price! I’m not going to buy from from people who are cheating the company and the underwriters.

  2. Who goes to concerts anymore?

    Therein lies the answer to the high price of concert prices…

  3. I can’t afford concert tickets, especailly after buying my Justin Beiber t-Shirt, Justin Beiber ball cap, Justin Beiber pillow, Justin Beiber bed sheets, Justin Beiber lunch pail, Justin Beiber stickers, Justin Beiber underwear, Justin Beiber shoes, Justin Beiber socks,Justin Beiber hair gel, and Justin Beiber breakfast cereal.

    1. Jon Murphy
      1. Cool!! something to put my Justin Bieber batteries in…

      2. Justin Bieber is a wimp. Us manly men use this one.

        1. I’m torn…

          1. Well, you’re pretty much stuck with buying the Bieber toothbrush now that you bought all that other Bieber shit. :)

          2. Oops! This just in. My 8 yo granddaughter says she will give you $15 for all that Bieber stuff if you pay shipping.

            That sounds like a good deal to me, then you could start over with the right stuff.

            Unless you really believe your toothbrush should sing, that Batman one is WAY cooler.

          3. Jon Murphy

            There is always a third option

          4. There is always a third option


    2. Leave It To Bieber

      Starring Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsly, Tony Dow, and George O’Dowd as The Bieb!

  4. 6 reasons why ticket prices are high? What an exercise in avoiding the real issue. There’s only one reason. Too little supply. Any artist who wants to have cheaper tickets for their fans has it in their power. Schedule more performances. Simple as that. Most of them are crying crocodile tears, trying to preserve a progressive “man of the people” image while getting as rich as possible.

    1. Thanks, Dan, excellent point, and one that I have made several times in previous posts about ticket scalping.

    2. Dan in Philly

      I think some of the musicians are fakes, but I think most of them are just too stupid to learn anything about how things work for themselves and simply believe what their managers tell them. The manager has a big incentive to blame those brokers and little incentive to get the musician upset at the sponsors who pay the bills.

      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – Robert Hanlon

    3. Are you the same Dan Hill who recorded “Sometimes When We Touch” in the ’70s? :)

  5. Citizen B.

    This could be a good time for Justin Bieber to tighten his supply of concert tickets judging by the trend thereof.

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