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  1. Andrew Bryk

    The new transformers was also very popular in China, but the consensus then was that the movie played well by showing American military/intel personnel as weak and corrupt and their Chinese counterparts as benevolent and staid in the face of danger.

    I really like the narrative presented here, but I wonder if the movie was popular not so much because it shows corruption in general but American corruption in particular.

    1. Maybe the reason the ChiComs let the movie play was because it showed American corruption, but the reason it’s popular is because it shows government is corrupt.

  2. Wow, your childish view of the world knows no bounds, James. Pacific Rim, a movie based on a Japanese manga with a premise that had poorly made Chinese robots and an American/Japanese team that ended up saving Hong Kong, crossed $100 million easy in China last year, and mostly due to this, a sequel is being made (the movie tanked in the US).

    These are just movies with explosions and are in 3D. There’s nothing more to them. Only a patriotic fool would attempt to make correlations were none exist. Not to mention the % of the Chinese watching these compared to the whole population is very low.

    It appears AEI truly has fallen since the departure of Chris DeMuth.

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