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  1. re: ” Bush could push his tax cuts through Congress only by agreeing they would expire a decade later.”

    is that what they call “ramming through legislation without the other party agreeing”?

    “Now the Democrats who insisted on making the Bush tax cuts temporary want to make them permanent for 98% of Americans. At a time when we are told that conservative economic ideas are out of vogue, that is quite a ideological victory.”

    indeed and what do the Republicans say?

    this is something the GOP fought tooth and nail for and now can declare victory?

    snicker. snicker.

  2. Max Planck

    “R. Glenn Hubbard, dean of the Columbia Business School and an architect of the Bush tax cuts, said it is “deeply ironic” for Democrats to favor extending most of them, given what he called their “visceral” opposition a decade ago. Keeping the lower rates even for income under $250,000 “would enshrine the vast bulk of the Bush tax cuts,” he said….”

    Mr. Hubbard, who has been reduced to testifying for Countrywide at $1200 an hour, fails to mention that the Bush “tax cuts” also include capital gains and dividend income. Mr. Hubbard is also responsible for bankrupting the nation, as his cuts did nothing for the economy, and grew Bush’s deficits year over year.

    More facile bullsh*t….. what a surprise.

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