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  1. Miranda Firth

    Your analysis is over-simplistic. A growth in % of the average pay of all employees does not equal the average % pay raise.
    I don’t see where you adjusted the growth in the average Fed salary for all the insourcing?? In 2007-2012, several billion dollars of contracts were insourced to Fed Service. These were almost exclusively high-paid scientists, engineers and management consultants.

    Also, the basic services- custodial, landscaping, secretarial, project management only exist on contracts. The labor mix has changed dramatically to become even more white collar and must be compared to a similar labor mix for any credible conclusions to be made.
    I also object to counting ‘promotions’ in the equation for pay raises UNLESS you have counted them in the private sector calculations as well. The annual bonuses are capped at 1% of all salaries..and so that is a nominal amount.

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