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  1. Kate Sciacca

    Thank you for a short, clear, concise reminder of what is meant by “American Exceptionalism.” Would that our leaders understood this…. Those on the left and on the right.

  2. Yeah, but come on… you gotta admit that the word “exceptional” is exceptionally easy to misconstrue. It’s a phrase that begs to be argued if you don’t just happen to be “in the know”, especially since what once might have been considered exceptional in a historical sense seems quite a bit more commonplace today.

    So, why keep using the phrase? Why not change it to “American Anomalousness” or “American Aberrance” if that’s what you really mean?

  3. One work – FREEDOM. Putin doesn’t understand this concept and it pretty clear that Obama doesn’t either.

  4. plus, don’t overlook the fact the the Russians have a NAVY base in Syria

  5. This is an a exceptionally shallow view of history. The American Constitution is a 200 year old experiment, now perilously close to failing because of subversion from within; in particular, the transmogrification of the executive into a feudal state supported by an armed nobility that extracts tithes from the peasants and threatens dissent with violence. This is an old story, not exceptional.

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