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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. perhaps as important a question is – does the Conservative movement want to govern – an electorate – that is not as Conservative ?

    that’s a serious question. You can have a philosophy – but the bigger question is how does your philosophy jell with the electorate whom you would seek votes from?

    If your principles are such that you cannot compromise them, then are you really interested in governing?

    1. Otto Beckman

      Right on LarryG

  2. The way of the Whigs

  3. What I – feel – is that people who write like Daniel really just want us to be sheepish – afraid of the visual media.

    Here’s some questions a leader should ask: Is there such a thing as a homosexual? When does life begin? Is it good and useful – to the poor – for government to give money to the poor? Is there really evidence for evolution? Or, are people really just afraid to question it?
    Should we only teach the Atheist religion in our public schools?

    I’d rather conservatives lead than govern.

    1. re: “lead rather than govern”….

      interesting concept… usually the two go together.

      1. Kevin RP

        Had me fooled.

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