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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Todd Mason

    Hey, the bond vigilantes have been just about ready to saddle up now for –what? — five years? What makes you think the tea party is wising up enough to actually USE the Treasury as a profit center to fix schools and infrastructure?

    1. mesa econoguy

      Oh, so the Treasury is now an “infrastructure bank,” to be used by political actors for their pet projects.

      Again, which drugs are you on?

    2. The Left tires of looking for ways to piss our tax dollars down a rat hole. It’s truly exhausting.

      What happened to that trillion dollars in “investments” the world’s worst fund manager was given to spend almost immediately after taking office?

      1. *never* tires…

  2. S&P inadvertantly killed the grand bargain when yields crashed after their initial downgrade 2 years ago .

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