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  1. A ground game can only enhance the fundamentals that drive victory, not create the victory itself

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Santa Claus always wins…until he runs out of other people’s money.

  3. did someone say “community organizer”?


    Bengazi Bengazi Bengazi!

    when all else fails blather on……………….

  4. charles platt

    All this handwringing about the Republican loss overlooks some rather basic facts.

    There is an undiminished Republical majority in the House of Representatives. Not bad for a party that has supposedly become irrelevant.

    An incumbent president almost always as a built-in advantage.

    Romney was not an appealing candidate. I never met anyone who was really excited by him. He was, at best, the lesser of two evils.

    Obama received votes from a great majority of nonwhite people. Had he been white, I doubt he would have won.

    Obama offered incentives to just about every minority subset of his voter base, from giveaways to unions to the promise of amnesty for illegal aliens. Romney was in no position to do this.

    Under the circumstances, it is unsurprising that Romney lost, and probably had very little to do with the actual policies of the candidates, especially since both candidates did everything they could to conceal their real intentions.

    1. re: “handwringing”

      well.. I suppose they could just shrug it off and keep on truckin, eh?

      seems like the GOP has all these “great” candidates until it comes time to herd them together to run for President, then it looks like a cross between the Beverley Hillbillies and Road Warrior.

      the problem with the GOP is it’s Jekyll / Hyde persona.

      and the idea that brown-skinned folks would not vote for a white guy? Hispanics liked Bush and Blacks like Clinton so what gives?

      intentions? Obama was damn clear about his I thought.

      He never varied from his “tax the richer” idea… right?

      I think Romney could/would have won if:

      1. – he actually had a budget plan that was legitimate and he was forthright about tax deductions to be capped.

      2. – he disavowed the rampant racism within the ranks of the GOP.

      I simply cannot vote for someone who has a bogus budget plan and won’t step up and disavow racism.

      The GOP seems way too tolerant of bogus budget idea and virulent racism in it’s ranks. When Romney himself was engaging in the birther crap.. he did not look like any President I would admire.

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