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  1. So now merely floating the possibility of someday slowing down the flood of new money is an act of monetary constriction? This really exposes the whole farce of trying to juice the economy through artificially set interest rates. Just let the market set the price and be done with it.

  2. Matthew Grubesic

    The CPI does not calculate the inflation rate correctly. How can you continue to say there is no inflation, food, energy, college tuition, rents, airfare, automobiles, and taxes have all increased while wages have stagnated. Alan Greenspan and Michael Boskin changed the calculation of the CPI to reflect low inflation fueling the credit expansion and lowering the payments to Social Security beneficiaries. The truth is that since America left the gold standard the government has manipulated the economic numbers creating a society based on debt to support higher prices which has destroyed the middle class.


    1. Enforce JFK’s Executive Order 11110
    2. Dismantle the FED
    3. Prosecute the banksters for treason (retroactively)
    4. Enforce temporary martial law


  4. James Ashby

    ” How the Fed just tightened monetary policy ”

    Who cares? A gold dollar needs none of it. Working people control the standard of living, decide what money buys based on what it is, a gold dollar would buy a far higher standard of living. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act legislated the impossible, regulating how much money there is. People decide what money is worth, no one decides how much there is, only fiat money could serve the legislation. Price controls are impossible, the Constitution says regulate money’s value, only a standard of value does it, the Federal Reserve Act is unconstitutional. Abolish the Federal Reserve with full public disclosure of everything to do with it from day one.

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