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  1. James M. Kearns

    Yes, you speak the truth.

    But it would be nice if you could say this to the unconverted who see things differently in a way they might understand and respond favorably to it..

  2. Well it seems to me that arcane and inequitable tax laws are already giving this country a European flair and look how its working out for some of those European countries…

  3. I do notice that Canada does not have a mortgage interest deduction.

    Canada also does not seem to have real estate booms and busts.

    Coincidence? When most Americans think that the ‘tax writeoff’ is a huge freebie, and the best reason to ‘buy’ a house, even though the writeoff only causes home prices to inflate upward to accommodate the same monthly payment that is now pre-tax. perhaps Canada is the smart one.

  4. Pat Burkett

    The Fair Tax answers all of these concerns. I eliminates corporation taxes as well as income taxes and several others like taxes on interest and dividends. So there is no such thing as write offs with the Fair Tax. It encourages savings and punishes debt, just the opposite of our present Tax Code. Let’s get behind the Fair Tax and get it passed into law. It’s HR25, awaiting hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee – Call Chairman David Camp and tell him of your support. See to learn more about it.

  5. Stop taxing income,and tax consumption instead would fix a lot of inefficiencies in the US tax code.A consumption tax has as much of a chance of becoming tax law in the US as this congress working together,not gonna happen.

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