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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. How did Howard Dean get through medical school?

    1. How has he and 85 per cent of the democrat party stayed out of jail and the looney bin.

    2. GuessWhoFan

      You know what they call the person who graduates last in the class at medical school? Doctor.

  2. Anyone with eyes can see where the Left is trying to push American society, which is to a place where the “1%” are the politically-connected people who support the Democratic party and everyone else is left with the crumbs of whatever a top-down command economy can produce.

    So, I sort of give Dean the benefit of the doubt that the Left doesn’t begrudge people wealth per se, but the “right people” have to have that wealth and Mitt Romney (or any member of the GOP or anyone who generally opposes the Left’s political agenda) isn’t part of that “right people”.

    We already saw this movie. It ran from 1917 to 1991 and was called “The Soviet Union”.

  3. All ego and no brains, no real common touch. Let him come and work with me in construction, and see how he feels about how his party is working out for me. How his ideas affect my livelihood.

    See how his ego does sweating over a trench.

  4. “James Pethokoukis: This whole campaign is about begrudging Mitt Romney for making [million of dollars]. That is the core issue of Obama’s campaign. … Let the begrudgening begin!”

    That is a lie, Jim. They begrudge him paying little or no tax on his wealth, not his wealth per se.

    Of course, what other tale could you tell?

    There was a time in this country when no politician would dare be seen driving a car made overseas. Now, we are told it is perfectly legitimate for a candidate who wishes to hold the highest office in the land to have most of his fortune in opaque investments in foreign countries.

    We are told low rates on capital gains and dividends spur growth and investment, while those who labor for every penny are penalized with even higher rates. Don’t we have this morally and intellectually backwards?

    Of course, Mr. Pethokoukis- being the brilliant economist and social critic he is- will tell you that someone who has amassed a fortune, partially by buying companies, leveraging them to the hilt, squeezing them dry and then tossing them away like a lemon rind once he’s finished with them, can best aid American economic growth by parking his profit in say, the stock of AT&T, (merely purchased from another investor who no longer wanted the shares) collect the dividends, pay 15%, and tell us all that will grow the economy.

    Especially if you own a Prada store.

    A waitress, by comparison, who pays more on her labor than Romney pays on his fallow capital, is a degenerate moocher and a dependent.

    This sums it up best:–t-mountain—the-entitlement-society

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