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Discussion: (8 comments)

  1. How’s that hopey-changey working now?

    From The Hill: Administration rejects labor’s request for ObamaCare subsidies

    Labor unions have been staunch allies of Obama, spending millions of dollars in support of his two White House campaigns‘…

  2. Ironically, Jon Stryker is a huge progressive.

  3. Citizen Buddy

    I don’t think it matters to most leftists that the sub 30 hour week is replacing the 40 hour week.

  4. If we wanted universal health care, which I do, the best approach would have been to have all of us (not the euphemistic ‘government’) support health care savings accounts for all of us. We could then govern our own health care instead of the millions of words of rules and regulations. But alas, no such wisdom exists in government.

  5. mesa econoguy

    Oh no, businesses, just like people, don’t respond to taxes. None of this is real.

    – Toad Manson

  6. No better way to increase the number of people receiving food stamps.

  7. With all due respect Jeanette, we would still be paying for their healthcare, under ACA, and not just those emergency situations. And rest assured, they will use it. But since many of them will receive a full exemption (an exemption is a portion or all of the premium due paid by the Federal Government) they are not actually becoming “responsible”.

    The irony is that this scheme relies on the healthy, younger Americans, those 27 to 35, paying on average 180% of what they would be paying now. What does that tell those in that age group, that overwhelmingly supported Obamas elections?

    The real problems with this ACA is the Governments take over of healthcare which is sure to be mismanaged and no provision for tort reform.

    For years there was discussion that we needed healthcare reform and that tort reform would need to be the main objective, nothing of the sort in over 2,500 pages in this bill. Who would expect lawyers writing this legislation to legislate away some of the inflationary waste of their fellow lawyers financial opportunity, which with ACA, now a significantly larger part of our economy, offers. Nothing was mentioned about peer group review boards, or charging for frivolous lawsuits that routinely derive thousands of dollars to go away. We pay for that too.

    As for the government taking over, I’m no expert on the Constitution, but; where does it allow such public intrusion? What federal bureaucracy do you know of that is efficient and effective? Your premiums will go through the roof in a few years, Good Luck!

    Unfortunately, my children and yours will be burdened with this mess that we left in our wake. And there is no denying that, as the saying goes, the handwriting was on the wall ! And we knew it going in and did nothing.

  8. This list is impressive but how many companies with part-time employees are not cutting worker’s hours. Without knowing this it is impossible to know the net affect of Obamacare when it comes to working hours.

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