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  1. Max Planck

    The source is from a group that Bill Kristol sits on- who I believe has already caved on the issue.

    Let’s face it, Jim. Taxes are going up, and in the BEST way possible, one which will accrue more to the Federal side while lowering the cost of local taxes.

    Statements like “The economic literature is quite clear” are meaningless.

    You wanted to dance? Now pay the band.

    1. You are hilarious, Max. All you do is make unsupported assertions.

      1. Max Planck
      2. Max Planck

        Mr. Cancellieri- were my assumptions “unsupported” enough for you?

        Just asking.

  2. SeattleSam

    A Rasmussen poll indicates that 66 percent of the public thinks the “middle class” pays a higher proportion of their income in income taxes then “The Wealthy”. A very quick trip to the IRS data site shows that this isn’t even close to being true. If the public can be demagogued into believing a simple fact like this, what possible chance do we have of educating them about more complex matters of economics — especially when they won’t like the answer it provides.

    There is no dearth of information that confirms that the only way you can lose weight is to excercize more and/or eat less. Yet there are billions spent each year convincing people that there is another way.

  3. tell me why getting rid of tax loopholes is not a tax increase also?

    don’t the people affected have to pay more/higher taxes?

    why is that any different than marginal rates?

    1. SeattleSam

      Yes, they would probably pay more total tax, but the amount of additional tax per additional dollar of income would be lower. Decisions are made on the margin, not the average. If I confiscated ALL of your first $100,000 in income, but took nothing after that, your behavior would be very different than if I took 50% of $200,000 of your income — although the tax collected would be the same.

  4. “President Obama is surrounded by plenty of smart economists. And plenty more are just a phone call away.”

    you’re right. he should call krugman

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