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  1. I think I saw a video where Bill Gates (massive backer of Common Core) said that it wasn’t meant to be curriculum but, unfortunately, it seems that schools/districts are doing that. THAT is the problem.
    Sure, a list of national standards is good to have but NOT to have them stuffed down our throats.
    Recently retired math teacher who doesn’t like what I’ve seen.

  2. I’m baffled why AEI would push big federalism when it comes to education? Don’t you believe in the genius of founders who structured our govt as lightweight federal and give states freedom to compete? I guess AEI only believes in that sometimes.

    The problem with edu in US is too much central planning. The myth that classic liberal education is a universal panacea is promoted by the edu cartel. Rather than look at data that shows that we’re investing too much in education AEI swims along with others looking for some magic formula devised by a central bureaucracy as a fix.

    What we need is the exact opposite. Be great if more original thinking came out of AEI on this important topic.

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