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  1. Obama’s a moron. If it wasn’t for the kickstart that the shale boom provided, this recovery would be even more lethargic than it is. Imagine what the economy might have done with a government that actually supported the industry instead of opposing it. Obama takes credit for the modest gains the economy has made without actually doing a darn thing to help.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Should a nation that prints an international reserve currency—the dollar—be concerned about exports?

    After all, we print money and give it to foreigners. They give us back cars, TV sets and oil. I like that trade.

    When we export, it means our workers and factories labor mightily, but the benefits—the oil, goods, the services—are reaped by foreigners.

    Now, the US oil industry wants a global market for their oil. I understand that. They are within their rights to militate for a global market (as is Dow Chemical to militate for restrictions on natural gas exports). Oil producers and Dow Chemical have obligations to shareholders to seek highest profits, without nationalist concerns, or silly notions like patriotism to get in the way.

  3. MacDaddyWatch

    More hard and unambiguous evidence that the incompetent Oval Office pretender is in way over his head. He’s not suited for or equipped to handle any executive position in either the government or the private sectors.

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