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  1. Anonymouse

    Not a flip-flop at all. In the first letter they are discouraging the use of natural gas in vehicles so that increased demand doesn’t raise the price of their raw materials.

    In the second they’re discouraging the export of natural gas so that reduced domestic supply doesn’t raise the price of their raw materials.

    The words are different, their intent is still the same.

    1. Givemefreedom

      The whole point is that their intent was the same in both instances but that they argued the opposite side of free markets depending on the situation. Very hypocritical to support free trade and be against government intervention when the government action is against your interest, but then asknfor government intervention at a later date because you want the government to intervene in the market to help your interests.

      This case of the chemical companies lobbying the government is a perfect example of why government should not be involved in the markets. If governments do not meddle in markets then these companies would not lobby for self serving government intervention and the markets would determine the best outcome for the consumer.

      As it stands now, the companies with the best lobbying effort and/or deepest pockets can buy the most effective government intervention to promote that company’s own interest. Invariably that government intervention leads to a much less efficient outcome than the free market would have created.

    2. They are hypocrites. End of story.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    I am shocked—shocked!—that American chemical companies put profits before ethics.


    Well, except for the publicly held chemical companies

    The managements of those companies have a fiduciary responsibility to seek highest profits possible, regardless of free trade ideologies, ethics, morals, or other side issues.

    They are, by law and charter, amoral organizations, bound only to honor the law.

    1. givemefreedom

      benji, go bark someplace else. no one wants to see you cut and paste the same comment over and over again.

  3. juandos

    Rent seekers also looking to be energy gate keepers sounds like to me…

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