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  1. I am sorry but this effort at business diversity is pathetic at best. Someone needs to explain why any effort is being made by USPS managers to overcome a $16 billion dollar loss through a clothing line that will surely cost more to market through department and big box stores than will be available at margin. I am appalled that we have such small minds in charge of such a large organization. But the Chinese will like the idea.

  2. Victoryman

    What a great idea! For my next anniversary, I’ll give my wife a gift certificate to go shopping at the Post Office. When I get out of the hospital I’ll go the usual dinner/chocolates/flowers/jewelry route. I think the Post Office should start selling tickets for Amtrak – they have much in common. Both are dirty and staffed by people whose main people skill is being surly. I wonder if anyone at the Post Offices can spell “M-a-r-k-d-o-w-n-s?”

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