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  1. Note that in even in the case of Arctic Summer Sea Ice, we had more this year than at any point since we could accurately measure it using satellites circa 1972. Anecodotal evidence suggests that there was much less Sea Ice during the heat wave of the 1930s. And of course around 1000 AD, when Leif Ericson was living on a dariy farm in southern Greenland, one can assume that there was essentially no Summer Sea Ice.

    So we already know from empirical evidence that the Earth bounces back from this heating-cooling cycles just fine. I should be nice to get one of those cushy jobs on an international regulatory board that answers to no one and gets funding from its own “fees”.

  2. So what’s with the snarky “apocalypse not”? The temperatures will be somewhat warmer in time which will mean a slight change in weather patterns and local climate. However the “world’s not coning to an end” rather some people will better off with global warming and others will worse off. Some will have longer growing seasons while others will have shorter growing seasons. It’s not as if humanity is going to become extinct.

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