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  1. There is the current Illuminati-related/corporatist fascist New World Order group that owns most of the world through the Rothschilds banks and the holdouts (which o’bama wants to turn into his own fascist New World Order group run by the UN, which is pretty much the last. O’bama wants WWIII so he has to ally with Iran to set up WWIII. THAT is why he’s siding with them.

  2. Barry Meislin

    Another (and to my mind, more “rational”) explanation:

    1. The Israel-Palestine conflict is the MAIN problem in the Middle East (and the world). Solve the I-P issue and you’re well on the way to Global Peace. (Though this is true simply because so many are convinced of its truth—and also because the definition of “peace”, according to Israel’s “Partners in Peace” is: “a world without Israel”.)
    2. The Israel-Palestine conflict has not yet been solved—and it is unsolvable for the forseeable future.
    3. The popular narrative, embraced by Obama, in his uber-wisdom (and according to other uber-wise persons such as Stephen Walt, John Mearsheimer, Andrew Sullivan, Jeremiah Wright, Alice Walker and Louis Farrakhan, along with all of the Progressive Left) holds Israel 100% responsible for this tragic state of affairs. (OK, I’m exaggerating—Israel is only 99% responsible.)
    4. Enabling Iran to develop nukes (which, along with their long-range and intercontinental delivery systems is for peaceful purposes, in any event) is really the only way (as in, the ONLY way), according to Obama and his posse of uber wise, to, um, persuade Israel to make, um, “meaningful concessions” towards a Palestinian state. (Never mind that Israel has already been there and done that (though this MUST be denied/ignored/laughed at, etc.); and never mind that Palestinians don’t want a Palestinian state that has Israel sitting right next to it—unless they feel that it’s an Israel that can be easily destroyed). To be sure, “meaningful concessions” in real-speak should be defined as “committing national hari-kiri”.
    5. Ergo, enabling Iran to go nuclear is (and we say this with more sorrow than anger, yes we do) the only way to prod Israel to go that extra mile (or 1.6 km) to achieve I-P peace. (That is, to achieve world peace.)

    So there you have it. Occam’s razor gleaming at Israel’s exposed jugular.

    6. Oh, and if Israel is destroyed in the process, well—hey!—that’s just another point in the plan’s favor! (Certainly, Obama and all the uber-wise have been trying so hard for years to save Israel from itself…and so Israel really only has herself to blame for her predicament. Yes—and we say this more in glee than in sorrow.)
    7. (Disclaimer) Of course, I may be giving Obama way too much credit here…..

    Moral of the story (i.e., the plan): Israel has refused—for over 65 years now—to commit national suicide. Therefore, she must be destroyed. (Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s blast Israel for being a militarized society, heh, heh!!!)

  3. Geoff Dewan

    You guys are kidding, right?
    There simply cannot be any other explanation as to why the administration didn’t grind Iran into dust other than some nefarious plot to create a new world order. Why in the world would any president give up the opportunity to get into a war in Syria? What could be better than that? How can any president justify failing to take advantage of the possibility of a long term quagmire in the middle east perhaps even with Al Qaeda involvement and against the will of the international community? We’ve done so well with that sort of thing in the past few years. And anyway, Iranians are a primitive people who have little experience in world affairs. If you just keep kicking them in the face, like dogs they will eventually come to heel. Everyone knows that. It’s only been 34 years. Let’s give this thing a chance to work!

  4. Both were national security officials in the George W. Bush administration.

    Therefore, we can assume that they are wrong. In a decent society, these people would have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town.

  5. Jim Aldrup

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  6. Benjamin Cole

    Israel is safer than ever. In the 1970s, real nations attacked Israel. Egypt and Syria. I doubt either of those nations will attack anybody for decades…just as no nation will attack the United States…
    Despite hysterical commentary, the West faces puny and insignificant “threats.” Was anyone alive when the adversary was a seriously armed USSR?
    Now, that was a threat…today? Punk stuff.
    Another interesting fact: Islamic nations tend to implode. Is that our problem? Maybe Iran won’t melt down. I wouldn’t invest or live there.

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