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Discussion: (17 comments)

  1. This is very troubling. While the regime announces its ‘intentions’ to do things, it usually harbors a different agenda. In this case, I think they might be doing this to see if their favorite Islamists groups in western Africa could be supplied through the sea as transporting arms via air is costly and detectable. I don’t think the Iranian regime has really any intentions to come close to the US shores using ships that have no air cover or air defense. I’ll not be surprised if they anchor off Nigeria or the Gambia or other W. African places where the Islamists are causing trouble.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Our warships sail everywhere…can we take umbrage at others doing the same? Iran is hardly a threat, certainly in comparison to the old USSR…

    1. Michael P. Stein

      My reaction as well. Rubin does not explain what he thinks the administration could/should have done about this.

      1. Brendan Jennings

        The Iranian regime’s aggressive behavior since 1979 should speak for itself. They have declared open war on us. While we can do little legally, we can certainly arrange for a welcome for them offshore as surface ships, submarines and aircraft keep a close track of their two or three ships and send a message that our military, at least, will not sleep on watch (while the administration continues to doze). A few low fly bys, gunnery practice and torpedo exercises should emphasize the U.S. Navy’s worldwide, deep water experience. Let’s leave a memorable impression.

        1. Benjamin Cole

          Frankly, I don’t want to waste any more taxpayer dollars on a few stupid Iranian ships in the Atlantic. And a huge reaction would be great for the Iranian Navy, probably make them heroes back home.

          Does the USA always have to react hysterically to every perceived slight and threat? We get twitted by Iran and we have lose our bowels?

          How about this: Do these three vessels present a threat to American prosperity?


          Ignore ‘em.

      2. Rustypelican

        There is nothing the administration can do, other than monitor the vessels while they operate in international waters. It wouldn’t take much more than a couple of fighers from an East Coast national guard base to dispatch those Iranian ships. And every serious person on earth knows that. The point of the article is to raise awareness of the Iranian’s belligerent policies toward the US and take those policies into account in the broader scheme of things, especially the lifting of sanctions over the nuclear non-deal between Obama and the mullahs.

    2. I guess we should wait until they are.

  3. David Renegar

    Why don’t we just send a few Cessna’s for a fly-by? This is certainly in direct response to their true weakness.

  4. Iran’s navy, why not? With Barack Obama in office and already wimping, if not coddling Iran this fits right in.
    I wonder if they’ll sail up the Hudson?

  5. Rustypelican

    This appears to be done for purely propaganda purposes. They want to claim to their own people that they are challenging The Great Satan in his own backyard, so they dispatch two old ships into the Western Atlantic. If anything else, the admirals may hope the US attacks their little Atlantic fleet, giving them casus belli to attack the US Fifth Fleet with their Chinese surface to surface missiles.

  6. Everyone dismissed the challenge from Japan, too, in 1941; “experts” proclaimed that no battleship had ever been sunk from the air, and that since Japanese products lacked quality, their military products must also be cheap and worthless.

    Never underestimate your enemy.

    1. Benjamin Cole

      Never overestimate either…unless you want a bigger budget…

  7. Many of the commenters seem to miss the point: Iran is doing this at a time when, supposedly thanks to the healing leadership of Barack Obama, we are told that our relations are thawing. Iran would only take these steps if it felt emboldened to do so by fecklessness in the White House. This is a perfect illustration of why weakness in the face of tyranny makes war more, not less, likely.

  8. Simonjhoversr

    I think all we need to do is poke a few holes in these Iranian ships

    1. Why don’t we arrange to have a few cruise ships pass the Iranian ships and everyone wave. The military could pay the tab for the cruise ships to turn and pass them again with more waves from the guests. Just a thought.

      1. Michael P Stein

        Now _there_ is an appropriate response. Fill the ships with young, scantily-clad women. Maybe we can get the sailors to defect en masse. :)

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