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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    I, too, would be richer than I think if I just ignored all the debt I have incurred.

  2. Rob Benton

    Does the GDP also include theft of IP by non-US actors? What is the value of a trademark which is freely counterfeited by manufacturers in countries that cannot or will not enforce international law? Unrelated, but if the fed purchases $85B/mo securities, does that drive GDP up or down?

  3. chris whited

    well the first question would be how do you define job growth?

    absolute terms?

    % of the population terms?

    The number of people actually in the job market?

    larryg will be here soon enough. it allows him plenty of wiggle room to run his mouth and put for allegations through ?’s thus never having to commit to them across the spectrum. He loves this type of thing.

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