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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Dr. Shadi Ayyas.

    I Disagree with you on this matter!
    The main threat to the US in the MiddleEast is the Iranian project !!!!
    The Syrian war is a proxy Iranian War !!!
    I will summarise recent events and in such cases you have to take the lesser Evil!!!!

    On Syria Events May,2013

    The Hesitancy of the US toward involvement in Syria manifested in Breaking one redline after the other pushing the Israeli strike to Damascus recently . 
    This strike did an equal damage and had a detrimental effect to the Syrian people .equal to that of the  radical rebels to the revolution…
    This lead to A big Zeal wave in the Islamic World  including #Hezbollah & #Iranian pivotal Strategic involvement in the Syrian conflict .
    . This ,leading to gains  by the Regime on the Ground .
    Even the Arab league hiding behind his finger decrying the israeli strikes publicly . While watching the havoc destruction of Syria & its people.
    The new gains were already made in the lions den , i.e Damascus and Homs to establishing a regime rule arch area stretching from latakia on the Mediterranean to Damascus  , leaving ,however,a vast majority of syrian big Provinces Aleppo , idlib and Al raqqa  under Rebel control .
    This lynch pin events addociated with a morphine shot for a possible political solution suggested by Russia and the US means  the Syrian political solution is futile & the prospective lingering of misery to go on for A while .
    The bet now is on the #EU & #Turkey to take actions leading to a safe zone & conseq to a dramatic game changer  in the sequence of events of the syrian war . But this is pending Erdogan Trip to the US trying to change #Obama’s paasive policy toward Syria .
    If Regime continues his Gain Streak till the #SNC meeting in istanbul on the 23rd  the Status quo will continue for now in #Syria .

  2. Dr. Shadi Ayyas.

    Clarification :


    -Associated with A morphine Shots …

    -Erdogan’s recent trip to Washington Did not bring a change to The passive US policy on Syria .

  3. Fully agreed! One small niggle – you suggest it might have been wise a year ago to “arm the rebels” but the situation on the ground has since changed. It was never possible to choose our Syrians, arm them, train them and expect that they would win the day on the battlefield. The various jihadists & the Syrian army plus Hezbollah all had more money, more training, more coordination than we could have provided to the FSA, so “our guys” would always have been behind, even if they were truly secular moderates who would have loved us when it was over. But they never are – US experience w/Palestinians, Malians, Pakistanis, Afghans & Iraqis tells us that we can make them better killers with our training & arms, but we can’t ever ensure that they’ll the people we want dead. Maybe its not a small niggle.

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