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Discussion: (11 comments)

  1. Benjamin Cole

    Too early to say of course, but remember…a GOP’er has to win in the primaries…drink the kool-aid…

    In the primaries, can Christie best Cruz? Maybe so…aided by his surname?

    Somehow the moderates McCain and Romney prevailed, so maybe can too Christie…but the GOP appears to be in a long-running purification bath, and the Christies of the world might not survive the scrub…

    1. Benji the self-styled “true conservative” voted for Obama. So who gives a shit what he thinks about those extremist Republicans?

  2. Chris McPherson

    Not a great analogy. Recall: before the myth of Clinton-as-electoral-Colossus was written, there was reality: that in Clinton’s first election, he won only 43% of the vote against two candidates who split the populist/conservative galaxy of voters, and in his second election against the hapless/feckless Bob Dole, Clinton could only persuade 49% of Americans to vote for him. Clinton’s electoral performances as a % of the popular vote rank him among the worst Democrat performers in the last 60 year. He was hardly the demographic-dominator that we wrongly remember him being.

    What does this mean for Christie? Who knows? But if we’re going to blue-sky about what might motivate voters in 2016, let’s do it with accurate memories.

  3. Edward J Baker

    I hate to comment on a man’s looks, but Christie, who make’s a mockery of the challenge to live up to his name, is the quintessential RINO.

  4. John Morris

    Other than being elected twice in NJ… this time with the wholehearted support of the Dems, name an accomplishment of Christie? The state is the third worst tax environment and ranks near the bottom of most other rankings. It stunk when it took office and will still stink when the time to pick a nominee comes. It can’t improve because to gain the support of the D party he threw all the downticket Rs under his campaign bus, leaving him a hostile prog legislature to be all bi-partisan and sell out to.

    Better still, point to a conservative act of Chris Christie. Forget words, deeds. None known.

  5. “[Christie] could be the bizarro Bill Clinton. Just as America was willing to accept a ‘moderate’ Democratic governor from a Southern state in 1992, might they be willing to accept a “moderate” Republican from a Northeastern state in 2016?”

    Pretty much describes the failed GOP candidates from 2008 and 2012. Aside from geographic origins, that is.

    1. I should say – describes exactly 2012. And 2008, aside from geographic origins.

  6. Christie will be the Republican’s Bill Clinton when you find a Democratic Ross Perot to split the vote. Without that, neither Clinton nor Christie have a chance.

  7. If Christie is the nominee, I will NOT vote for him. I’ve had enough of RINO squishes as our nominee only to lose the national election. Conservatives all over the country will stay home. See we have principles and we live our lives based on those principles. Christie will NOT win a national election as real conservatives will not vote for him and his dem buddies will do the ole bait and switch and vote for their girl Hillary.

  8. or the GOP’s Bill Clinton?“…

    What weird comparison…

    Is donut boy a serial, sexual assaulter too?

  9. For all the media scramble seeking a candidate to influence the 2016 election, Chris Christie is not the Bill Clinton political quarterback of 1992 they seek; nor is Hillary, for that matter, as both parties will soon come to find out.

    The Clinton 1992 phenomenon was unique, with a unique candidate who was not expected to win, and won by fluke because of the momentum of a third party movement headed by Perot because of the GOP failures of the era and the runaway deficits caused by patronage and political favoritism from years of political sovereignty after JFK was assassinated and a badly disorganized Democratic Party because of that tragedy, whether spontaneous, or conspiracy.

    So where is the cure except slogging through the hard fought benefits of adversarial democracy without having a third more independent party?

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