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  1. mesa econoguy

    Obamascare isn’t causing a boom in any jobs, full stop.

    Jim, this is an asinine posting – in order to detect the true damage being done by Obamascare, you need look no further than job creation since it was passed. It sucks. This isn’t pure substitution effect.

    The overall unemployment rate has remained at abnormal levels since 2010, and will continue to hover around 7% (actual reading: 14%, U-6) as long as it remains in place.

    I can instantly lower the unemployment rate by at least 100 bps – kill Obamascare.

  2. Once the Obamacare dynamics hit the economics dept., we will hear “little girl screams” about how awful it is.

  3. Gallup shows a 3.5% decrease in the percentage of us working full time now vs a year ago (their “payroll to population employment rate” decreased to 43.5% from 45.1%); in fact, “there has been essentially no growth in full-time employment for an employer since at least 2010, the first year Gallup polled on this measure.”

  4. Jon Slater

    secret footage shows Obama checking public reaction to ObamaCare –

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