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  1. Thomas Sullivan

    Baloney. Americans always want tax cuts, smaller government, less borrowing, and they think all those things are good for the economy. They are correct.

    Next Slate will try telling us the sun sets in the east.

  2. Michael Stein

    I looked at the link represented by “In fact, we completely need to replace the income tax.” It claims to be a consumption tax, but by the plain meaning of the term as I understand it, it is no such thing.

    A sales tax or a VAT is a true consumption tax. It is levied only at the time of actual purchase, and only on money actually used for consumption. The type of tax proposed in the link is levied on wages when earned, before the earner gets any chance to decide how much of it to save and how much to consume. A trust fund baby might spend every penny of earnings from the trust and even go into debt, yet pay only the local sales tax.

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