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  1. Robert puharic

    What about supply and demand or have conservatives forgotten that? Guess they figure they’ve ratcheted down middle class incomes to the point where there’s no money left after 30 years of wage stagnation, so it’s time to start cutting taxes on elites even more than they have.

    The fact that, if the middle class was given a real wage increase it MIGHT have SOME effect on demand is NEVER discussed among conservatives.

    Seems conservatives love the ‘free market’. Except when they don’t.

  2. Tom Sullivan

    Since 1950 government’s take of GDP (spending + regulation compliance) has grown from 30% to 60%. Those who whine about “greed” and the 1% are blind to the real swine in our economy.

    1. Interesting figures Tom. Do you have a source for this? I’m curious….

      1. Tom Sullivan

        Govt spending (fed, state, local) is 39% of GDP. ( Federal regulation costs have been estimated to be about $1.8 trillion by CEI ( There have been about 8 similar studies in the past 15 years and their results, accounting for recent growth, are consistent.

        Recent regulation news puts the fed regulation growth rate under Obama at 11%. I estimate the cost of state+local regs at 10% of GDP annually.

        The total is about 60%. Nobody has noticed, apparently. We are Europe. Stagnant, in danger of national bankruptcy.

        1. Tom Sullivan


  3. Benjamin Cole

    Print more money.

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