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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Robert puharic

    Well there’s a problem with this idea. The Fiscal Times’ Robin Harding has an article here:

    showing that this trend actually extends into the 1980s, a time when regulation was gutted. So it’s probably not due to burdensome regulation.

    1. Bobloblaw

      It’s the financial times of London. Not the fiscal times and you need a subscription. But clearly growth is lower since 2001 than it was in the 1980s or any time previous. No mention of fed policy. That is what changed radically beginning in 2001. This notion of printing money to boost the economy. It has created massive distortions in the economy distorting the price of capital.

  2. I hope that 1.1% growth isn’t what we are stuck with from 2007-2103 period ;)

  3. robert108

    Having a Marxist President who believes private sector profits are ripping off the poor is one reason for this stagnant economy, along with rampant environmentalism that believes cheap and powerful energy is destroying the planet is another. IMO, there is no reason for us not to grow at a much faster pace, when the govt is cleansed of those influences.

    1. Robert puharic

      A marxist president…while AEI has been shouting from the rooftops that oil production is at record highs

      CEO pay is at record high

      Corporate profits are at record high

      Why would you call him a marxist? Could it be he’s…ahem…you know…

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