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  1. Switzerland and Germany have universal health care but private insurance and private providers.

    ObamaCare provides multiple insurance companies each with a range of options ranging from high-deductible to gold-plated and they pay private providers.

    I don’t see that much difference except the systems in Switzerland and Germany cover mostly everyone and ObamaCare does not.

    Or you could take a system like Singapore where each person has their own health savings account that they can spend for health care but they must pay into the system via their payroll taxes. In other words, they must have a health savings account and must pay into it.

    This is preferred to them choosing to have none then later when they get sick – expect others to pay their costs.

    these accounts follow them into retirement by the way and if they build up surpluses they can use part of it to buy a new home.

    The one thing that is common to these systems is the individual mandate.

  2. Todd Mason

    Because the Swiss govt sets prices that insurers then pay, it’s a stretch to call it a free-market approach, or to say that it would work without govt intervention..

    1. for a while there the faux-libertarians were calling the Singapore system “free market” but then nasty reality “intruded”….

      the only true “free market” health care systems on the planet are 3rd world.

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