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  1. I think entitlement and tax reform are good things, but I question the premise that some subset of government spending is “entitled” to some constant (or growing) share of GDP.

    1. Frankly, I thought that Jimmy would not be so blatantly in support of big government.

  2. One example: Spending on public goods such as infrastructure and scientific, technological, and health care R&D will fall by a third:…

    Why should Washington be funding ‘public goods’? The government has no money. It either has to take what it spends from the earnings of productive people or borrow the money and guarantee that future taxes will rise or that the currency will be devalued?

    If R&D is necessary why not let the private sector spend money on it? After all, it is far more capable of judging where to deploy resources than the central planners that make the decisions today. If Hong Kong can have a private company build rail lines or toll bridges why can’t the US? And why should Congress cut not only the non-discretionary spending but defense and the welfare programs that take up such a huge portion of total revenues and require borrowing to maintain them?

  3. Gilgamesh

    The entire gain from the 2 % tax increase on the “rich” has been eaten up by the Sandy Hook bill. Cutting spending is a dream never to be realized.

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