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  1. I’d say it illustrates the absurdity of the amnesty shill argument that importing Mexico’s poverty is any kind of economic benefit for the United States. Not captured in those numbers (at least I don’t think they are) are the higher than otherwise welfare payments to native born citizens because of immigration induced depressed wage levels at the low end.

  2. 1775Concord

    Here’s a counter argument…and indeed it is an argument: Many contend that a person born here of illegals is NOT a US citizen. If they are called American citizens, their status would have been gained by illegal activity…the flouting of our immigration laws by their parents. This expands to the anchor baby argument, etc.

  3. juandos

    I think all these early guesstimates are shooting low dollar wise…

    CIS Steven A. Camarota February 2013: The Cost of Cheap Labor

    Policymakers should acknowledge that the less-educated earn less and so use welfare more

    Share of Immigrant and Native Headed Households Using One or More Welfare Programs

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